5 Sports You didn’t Know Existed
May 24, 2023

Sport is a vital part of human culture, and for ages, people have invented different kinds of sports for exercise and bonding. While some of these sports enjoy mainstream acceptance, others are not so popular. However, regardless of the sport in question, every sport carries two essential elements of sports: excitement and recreation.


Football, basketball, cricket, tennis, among others, are some of the popular sports we know and enjoy playing. However, some other sports do not enjoy such benefits but nevertheless command viewership and loyalty from their various fans. Below is a list of such sports:

1. Chess Boxing

The first chess boxing competition was held in Berlin, Germany, in 2003 and has ever since grown in popularity in Germany and other European countries. Founded by Dutch artist Lepe Rubingh, the game has 11 rounds of fights comprised of chess and boxing. A winner is determined through knockout, checkmate, exceeding the time limit, or the disqualification of their opponent.

2. Quidditch

For most fans of magical fantasy movie series, Harry Porter, quidditch was the primary sport played in the movie. The game consists of seven teams of wannabe wizards who run around the pitch with broomsticks in between their legs and, of course, without magic. The real-life version of the game is so prevalent within universities in the UK that there are various quidditch sports like the United States Quidditch Association and the UK Quidditch Premier League.

3. Wife Carrying

According to guidelines laid out by the Wife Carrying Competition Rules Committee, the wife to be carried may be your wife, your neighbor’s, or someone you discovered on the field of play, provided they are above the age of 17. The game, which originated in Finland, involves male competitors who race to carry their wives across an obstacle course. As a prize, winners are given beer, followed by cash five times the weight of their wives. They are also able to enter the World Championship in Finland.

4. Elephant Polo

Your most common impression of the polo game is the one played on a horse. With variety as their motto, people in India, Nepal, and Thailand have found ways of playing the game while riding the huge mammalian giants, elephants! The game consists of a standard polo ball, six to ten-foot cane sticks with polo mallet affixed to the end. Two people then ride atop elephants steered by a mahout, while the player informs the mahout which way to go and hits the ball. The World Elephant Polo Association regulates the sport.

5. Cheese Rolling

Another uncommon game you may not have heard about is cheese rolling. The game was invented in England and involved rolling down a nine-pound wheel of double Gloucester cheese down the hill. Participants are then expected to run after the cheese, with the first person to reach the finish line winning the cheese.

Sports have always been an essential aspect of our existence. While some sports enjoy remarkable acceptance and publicity, other sports offer the same level of fun and excitement to their limited and loyal fans.