5 Types of Heels and How to Pair Them With Your Outfits
July 14, 2023

Wearing a pair of heels does something to you. It gives you confidence and power like the world is beneath your feet, and you can conquer anything. Besides making you look taller, heels add grace to your posture when you walk, making your outfit more appealing. It completes the look.


Since there is a heel for every outfit and style, here are the types of heels every stylish woman must know and the best outfits to rock them with.

1. Wedges

Wedges are for ladies who desire to gain extra height without the strain of wearing heels. They do not have pointed heels; instead, they have solid soles which are pretty comfortable. These heels are worn a lot by beginners trying out heels for the first time and require something with height but less strain.

Outfit pairing: Combine them with a piece of denim jeans and a t-shirt for a laid-back look. You could also pair them with short flare dresses or mini skirts. When choosing skirts and jeans to pair with wedges, it is preferable to go for the slim-fitted ones.

2. Stilettos

Tell us “a stiletto is just a heel,” and we’ll tell you that it is more than that; “it is an attitude.”

The first thing that would usually come to your mind when you hear heels is stilettos. They are the queens of heels and have pointed heels that go as far as 12 inches. If you can walk in stilettos, best believe that you can walk in any other type of heels.

Outfit pairing: They are versatile and so can be worn with almost anything. However, the best way to rock these heels is with formal outfits, for an evening party, or even for dinner. They go well with dinner gowns.

3. Pumps

This elegant pair of heels are a little shorter than stilettos, despite looking similar. The front of the heels is usually low cut; they’re around 3-4 inches tall, so they’re comfortable to wear, making them far more manageable than stilettos.

Outfit pairing: Pumps, just like stilettos, are versatile heels and can be worn with various outfits, either formal or casual. You could wear them with a pair of jeans, formal wear like a pantsuit, just about anything you can think of. However, do not wear pumps with shorts.

4. Platforms Heels

If you think wedges are comfortable, you should try wearing a platform heel. They are one of the most comfortable heels you can have. The front of these heels is big and hefty, providing the shoe a sturdy base and making walking more comfortable.

They aren’t too casual and not too formal as well.

Outfit pairing: Platform heels look fantastic with shorts and miniskirts since they extend your figure. You can also wear them with skinny or corduroy pants.

5. Sling Backs

This heel is comfortable to walk in because it is not too low or too high. It has a strap that wraps around your ankle, which allows your feet to stay firm in it.

Outfit pairing: Combine these heels with a pair of boyfriend or mom’s jeans. If you are a dancer at a lounge or club, these heels would also suit you. Lastly, they also go well with dresses.

In the end, style is a personal thing, and no one can tell you what style to adopt. Regardless of the heels that have been listed and the ways to rock them, try thinking outside the usual. Rock these heels in new and comfortable ways.