Best Ways to Prevent Car Scratches
July 10, 2023

We usually dedicate plenty of time and resources to taking care of our cars. As such, it gets frustrating when they end up with even a tiny scratch. A scratch on our car can taint its overall appearance and make it unattractive.


This hazard usually occurs during our trips within the city and on the highways. While we have no control over the actions and behavior of other motorists, there are steps that we can take to mitigate the possibility of these scratches occurring.

Here is a list of ways we can prevent scratches to our vehicles:

1. Drive carefully

As a driver, there is a need to exercise caution when driving. While driving, you always have to anticipate your fellow motorist’s actions. It will give you insight into avoiding a potential hazard that could lead to your car getting scratched. Always keep a reasonable distance between motorists in front of and beside you. Be careful of congested areas as the possibility of getting grazed is high. Also, avoid tight paths where an object or tree could dent your car.

Practice defensive driving techniques when on the road. They are a set of tips that keeps you and your car safe. These tips will also minimize the risk of you getting scratched by another motorist.

2. Park carefully

Do not park your car in a vulnerable spot. It leaves your vehicle exposed to harm from motorists or even pedestrians. Avoid parking beside the roadside, in tight corners, close to the entrance of a busy environment, or where pedestrians frequently walk by.

If possible, always make use of a parking lot. Park far away from the car park’s entrance and look for more secluded sections in the parking lot. Always leave ample space between your car and others to avoid scratches from the doors of nearby vehicles.

3. Wash your car regularly and with extreme care

Wash your car regularly. It will prevent your vehicle from having swirl marks or nicks on them. Besides washing it regularly, you need to be careful and avoid using washing tools that could cause more damage to your car. Scratches can result from the washing process.

The exterior of your car is delicate. Avoid automatic car wash as the abrasive brushes can scratch your vehicle’s paintwork. Instead, handwashing is recommended for better care of your vehicle. Do not use a dry cloth to dust your car, and avoid using a sponge to wash the vehicle as it could leave marks. Use non-abrasive cleaning products to protect your car’s paintwork.

4. Adopt certain habits

It would be best if you adopt certain habits and rules regarding the care of your car. Remember that every object is capable of causing damage to your vehicle. So, be careful of placing things on your car’s surface. Avoid leaning or sitting on the boot or other parts of your motor. Always dispose of items that have no use in your vehicle.

You can also adopt preventive measures such as purchasing car and seat covers for your vehicle.

5. Wax your car

Wax protects your vehicle’s paintwork from damaging elements. It also safeguards the car from dust and dirt. Your motor is sure to look as good as new after a good wax job.

These preventive measures can be handy as they will save you the stress and expenses usually incurred to fix and remove the scratches on one’s car.