Blog on clothing
September 7, 2023

Remember when we all used to wait for the J.C. Penney Catalog to feel like we had gotten the full variety of what was available for kids back to school or the latest trends in fashion and fabric?

Well, today there is so much available at any given time for the kids, for the parents, heck there is now a fashion line for your pet!  You don’t have to decide on colors or textures, just that you want it (whatever it is) for a particular person, pet or reason.

I have a pair of black and red sneakers that I have never worn with grey.  There seems to be unwritten rules to colors and fabric as well as print, you never wear stripes with plaid.  Solid colors blend as long as the hue doesn’t vary too widely.  That rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day; I have no idea where it came from.

I guess the one that sticks with me is when my kids would settle on an article, they liked I would notice because I would see them in it a lot more.  Variety was no longer the spice of life; it was now found in this latest article that they had discovered.

Think of how color coordinated everyone in the family portrait is.  Every detail is carefully scrutinized until what hangs above the mantle portrays everyone in a light that will last for years to come.

Pastels, prints, and solids are all a matter of taste.  Choose discriminatingly because they can all be done in very good taste which makes others sit up and take notice.

My wife’s green eyes are often my inspiration for an article or outfit I like on her.  I am not a fan of argyle socks they just don’t appeal to me, guess I’m more of a solid color guy.  I do however enjoy the royal colors Blue, Green, and Purple; done in the right combinations, they really are royal!

Trendsetting is a very inexact science.  The more holes in one’s pants the more expensive they are.  The smaller the area that the article covers the more it costs. If it fits like it has been painted on it is of course the one to be desired most.

In a free society where all kinds make up the whole that is our world take the time to be yourself, express it with all the zeal that tells the world you are glad to be alive today and that you intend to enjoy it to the fullest.

I recall a saying or two that doesn’t bode well for the masses.  The first is that “most men lead lives of quiet desperation.”  Please use the various means of expression at your disposal to turn your desperation into exhilaration, let your life force out every day!

The second says pretty much the same thing “most men die with their music still inside them.”  You are one of a kind, you have a song we will all be the better for having heard.  May your finest melody be played out through the strings of the days to come!