Blog on Electronics
September 7, 2023

Today’s subject is electronics. My request is a simple one, if I through ideas and research make you a more informed and discerning shopper would you consider buying through our links at no additional cost to you?

I don’t know about you but for me the ‘E’ in electronics stands for ‘ease’! These things are imported into our lives to make things easier.

This is the actual gateway from the industrial age into the information age in which we currently find ourselves. As I sit writing this article well within my reach are three different remote controls, one for the television, one for surround sound and one for the fire stick! This combination makes my viewing much more enjoyable.

If you were to catalogue your devises, would you conclude that they make your life easier and more enjoyable? Maybe not as dramatic as going from the oven to the microwave but still requiring these new pieces of technology to enhance our lives in meaningful ways and more than just taking up space on our shelves.

The DVD player is still there although rarely used. The robot vacuum cleaner that cleans the house as we go to bed is a definite plus to the entire household. The video door bell is almost standard as it not only catches ‘porch pirates’ but it allows you to answer your doorbell no matter where you are. So, the garden can get weeded, the lawn mowed, shrubs trimmed and any other service needed to keep up with household maintenance.

Let’s demand electronic assistance from our devices and ask ourselves the honest question; is this electronic clutter?

There is an air purifier going in the background all the time in our home, you don’t even hear it unless you listen for it. We agreed to employ it as we began to notice the smells of meals gone by: fish, broccoli, crab legs and other great meals that carry with them a very pungent preparation odor were lingering.

I tried to cover a wide range of things to give effort to calling out what has been upgraded as well as what we all might have that is just taking up space. Space that can be more well used by the advances that are available to us all.

Don’t get caught in a technology rut where your items are so out of date, they simply don’t deliver the kind of real-world convenience that is now being delivered to the consumer.

The information age puts no direct requirements on any of us. Without a cell phone you are a modern-day dinosaur. Without a video door bell, you actually have to be there to answer the door and without video surveillance of your entire property there is no way of knowing what happened when an item came up missing or a very expensive piece was damaged. How much knowledge of these things can you afford not to know?