Blog on Sports
September 7, 2023

In the everyday movement of life just add a dash of competitive essence and what you will inevitably end up with is one sport or another.

I believe that the average guy tends toward body building while the typical woman tends towards cardio vascular health (walking, acrobatics, jogging, cycling).

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, and my favorite Sylvester Stallone are guys whose public personas are the complete idea of “finish developing yourself.” Does this mean there is a champion within all of us?  The answer to that question is different for each of us but at the same time, we are the champions of our own ideas and the champion manifests itself in direct relation to how much we’ve built up mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  With focused intensity and visualizing your result will end in any of us becoming a better version of ourselves.

Chess is a mental sport that has a strong component built into it that makes life applications easily.  You never move without there being a counter move.  A lack of a well thought out plan of attack will no doubt end with an undesirable outcome.  So, if we can see life is a sport then going with the flow veils an assured loss.  When we decide we want to win (and believe we can) we find ourselves paying closer attention to what the countermoves are to our moves.  Notice the counter move is never glib, it is a calculated encumbrance to the perception of what you want and stopping you from reaching that end.  I enjoy the mentally corresponding messages that happen throughout the game.

Consider the last time you came away with a less than desirable outcome.  Hind sight being 20/20 how could you have avoided the problem altogether.  Would starting out with better materials or seeking more evidence of another’s abilities have saved you?  Perhaps you are simply a perfectionist in which case even the most seasoned workers would leave you feeling less than satisfied.  You will simply have to block out the time and do the job yourself while there is no perfect job or game, we can all find a place where we are at least content with what we have!

Sports holds the same intrigue while we are engaged in the contest.  It is true that because you are in the game you have the possibility of winning while simultaneously being keenly aware that you could be completely wiped out at virtually any moment or in the case that chess exemplifies one stupid (careless) move.

Aim at moves that build you up into the reflection that you will like living with.  You are the best reflection of the decisions you’ve previously made and having learned from those decisions you now sit on the very information necessary to improve your station by adding what you’ve learned.  Here comes the better you!