September 7, 2023

Today let’s talk about our closets. My request is simple, if I make you a more discerning shopper by presenting ideas and research would you consider buying through our store at no extra cost to you?

In the closet of the average person, I envision it being segregated into three different categories. One is everyday wear, two is casually neat for maybe a visit to a friend’s house or a nice restaurant, third is the semi formal attire; for weddings, funerals and the places we go that we know people attending will be dressed to the hilt.

Every man’s closet should have a spectrum of both colors and textures to show that they have a sophisticated taste in what to wear and when.

A vest often conveys a boost to the person in the eyes of a lesser prepared candidates.

Never underestimate the impact shoes have on your otherwise well put together outfit, it’s the foundation of the rest of the portrait that is portrayed by your presentation.

Men in hats at the last wedding I attended went over real big. To be the guy who didn’t wear yours would have certainly left you kicking yourself for not topping off your well-dressed self.

Electric blue, black, gold and grey are the colors that every man’s closet needs for suits, vests and sports coats. They are as necessary as tires on your car; without them you aren’t going anywhere.

Ties say tradition like very few other things do. So, while interviewing for a promotion by all means engage, but not so much for the progress report, production update kind of informal meetings.

You get to say something to everyone who see’s you upon first view, and believe me they will be listening. Wear your most confident outfit if you have any question in your mind about how you will be perceived. See if you don’t get an extra jolt of what you need to present so you come away feeling like you just crushed your subject matter and made the kind of impression that you know will last.