September 7, 2023

Electronics give us security cameras for our homes, microphones with karaoke to drones that allow us to be in places we have never physically visited. Cell phones and laptops, earbuds, virtual reality headsets and so much more have invariably changed our world forever!

The question is how can this advancement be used to bring greater insight and appreciation to you and your family’s life?
Most young people in my circle want to create an app for this or that. I’ve grown fond of the clock we have that electronically reads the temperature outdoors and sends it to us inside. Do you know of the motion detection night light that has eliminated walking through the house in the dark? Electronics is to technology what light is to darkness, there are too many applications to exhaust them all.

Currently, there are smart meters, smartphones, smart cars, and even smart houses that will turn on or off the lights or set the temperature of your home before you walk in, start your coffee in the morning and make your breakfast. All of these incredible advancements that have been mentioned and many that have not been are more than capable of making many things in your life infinitely better. The goal of modern technology is to make your life’s reality one that those of a generation ago could only dream about.

If you haven’t already, I implore you to buy a massage chair, I believe I slept in mine for the first few months of ownership. If you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time cleaning your home, a robot vacuum can be programmed to clean while you are asleep. If you prefer you can have a piece of personal equipment that will sweep and mop your floors and rugs at the same time! Personal robots are right around the corner and Google will tell you if you ask, “are personal robots available?” the next advancement in this area “will even attend to your emotional needs”. That might be going a bit too far, but just as we have become addicted to today’s technology never forget that our relationships with our loved ones will always be the glue that holds our world together.

While on the one hand “a luxury once experienced becomes a necessity” the flip side of the coin warns “whoever or whatever does everything for you is no longer your servant but has become your master”!

Sorry about that, things got a little dark what came to mind were those dating apps that promise to match you with your soul mate with 100% accuracy through their proprietary algorithms! Buyer beware.

Can you believe I didn’t start with PlayStation 1,2,3,5 and so on? A platform that enthralls the mind with hours and sometimes days of endless entertainment. So many are signed up that they have their online community with worldwide memberships available.

Perfect Segway into the online places that didn’t exist that long ago, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and all the others that comprise a field so vast that upon close examination a person could find that they are perfectly suited to one or the other. In fact, in researching this article I have found that if you have a cell phone, an internet connection, and a little courage there are very small fees associated with starting your television channel.

It was not my intention to exhaust the opportunities available in the electronics/technology realm nor could I. Don’t let that stop you take a full assessment of your own life and surroundings then imagine in your future all of your drudgeries being enhanced by the knowledge you have right now, knowing this that “necessity is the mother of invention.” Adopt and combine tweak and adapt, what you believe could be used for your betterment. Be resolved to only come away with the things that give your life dramatic improvement. In other words, we invite you to come and dreamoutloudwithus!