Health And Wellness
September 7, 2023

As a second practical aspect of health and wellness, once you’ve accepted that diet and exercise will forever be part of the overall picture. Neglect these two pillars of the temple that is your body you do so at your own risk.

We will never really exhaust the brevity of diet and exercise but we can at least go a little deeper than just skimming the surface. Its not a great leap in logic to conclude our chosen diet leaves our bodies lacking some essential vitamins and minerals that we need in order to not just feel great but to give us the optimal performance we require on a daily basis.

The types of demands we put on our bodies are most often not consistent with the knowledge and common sense we approach the rest of life with.

If you put premium gasoline in your race car you are justified in expecting the best possible performance, E85 on the other hand was designed to get you to Aunt Martha’s and not give you your best time in a quarter mile run.

If we put our end results at the beginning of our thinking and say “how can I get the most out of my body today?”

It matters if that “most” is a physical, mental or an emotional one because in each case we will focus on putting in the correct fuel so as to at least come away with an enhanced outcome. Physical will require more protein and carbs, mental will cause us to focus on those types of exercises and additives known to deliver mental acuity. Emotional demands of a strenuous day often require that the physical be tended to first because mental goes through the framework before it is processed and responded to.

Some mental victories are going through the process of elimination and prescribing in advance what will and will not be acceptable, and sticking to it. Don’t let personal fortitude get in the way of what you’ve already concluded will need to be a compromise because both parties feel so strongly or the held position is so non-negotiable that any movement can and perhaps should be seen as a victory albeit small.

When the body does not have the fuel it requires to make necessary outcomes that we need it to daily it could be that we are filling our tanks with E85 and going down the quarter mile track expecting a premium performance, not only is it unfair it is not what the ingredients can produce.

I envision a slender, lean body for myself. It will no doubt demand certain changes to my current regiment of diet and exercise. Just as I know these things, I also know that the longer it takes to make the necessary changes the farther away the results themselves lie. In order to get the results, you must institute the disciplines required! Vitamins and minerals help us to these desired ends and are readily available. May sunshine like vitamin D serve to make your day all the more enjoyable!