Installing Alarms for Home Safety
July 5, 2023

Today let’s talk about alarms! While cameras show you what happened, they don’t necessarily deter the ones that are doing the undesirable. Alarms on the other hand cause those who do not wish to be seen a lot of problems because they announce to the “listening world” something is happening right here and that everyone should “take a look”!


As the economy tightens, those with less principles go lower and lower until they finally resort to less than legal activities to acquire what they want. Their needs are not our concern but as your belongings become endangered, it’s important to protect what’s at cost.

Types and Locations to Put Your Alarm

Alarms yell and scream for attention when you don’t know what’s going on and are perfect tools to protect your belongings. You could set an alarm so that you know when someone is in your driveway (car or person), or you could also alarm when large items are moving on your deck or patio.

In addition, motion detection flood lights are perfect complements. They seem to be a great guard dog where there isn’t one. Some people prefer to leave their porch light on all night, but this can generate long electric bills. It really comes down to what each of us is comfortable with, and of course, your level of comfort has to coincide with your desired degree of safety and security.

However, posted signs such as “Smile You’re on Camera”, “This Area is Under Constant Surveillance”, or even the one that says “Beware of the Guard Dog” when no dog is present are not as effective. Let’s just suppose whatever avenue we employ will be tested. Take the time and do the necessary research so that our security feature has real teeth in it whether that be a camera, a dog, a flood light. We don’t want to bluff someone into respecting our possessions; we want to actually put the proper methods in place so that they have to.

There are a great array of security and safety features one can employ. They range from a few dollars to quite a few dollars, so choose the right one wisely. Our utmost priority is ensuring our possessions stay put.


The objective here is to say that the economy is making it harder for everyone. Times are changing. People do the best they can to make ends meet. What happens when less and less of the people in your neighborhood, suddenly by no fault of their own, find that the ends are coming further and further apart for themselves and their families?

I guess that old adage comes to mind “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” or in this case “if you see trouble coming it is prudent to prepare yourself”. There has never been a time when things didn’t seem to magically disappear! Together let’s not just enjoy what we have but enhance it so we can enjoy it all the more!