On Electronics
September 7, 2023

This one category gives us the ability to watch over our things like never before in history.  While on the other hand some might mourn the loss of privacy that comes with “Alexa” or the smart T.V. I count it a plus to be able to see what’s happening in the present where I am not, but where I do have private interest.

Today let’s get into security cameras and the like, which would include a whole host available on the market today.  One of my many tasks of taking care of things and seeking, if possible, to fix what is broken is watching over things to see if they are working properly or even if something has been misplaced.

This is a time when you can look back through your recorded surveillance and be assured of for sure what didn’t happen (unless a stranger shows up on screen).  You know how we were told to think back to try to remember what was done with whatever has come up missing and the picture in our minds are either clear to where it is not or foggy as to where it was last seen.  These cameras take that burden away so that at least some definite conclusions can be drawn.

Let’s say there is a very bad scratch on the passenger side door of your new car.  You know it wasn’t there last week when you washed it.  But you still don’t know how it got there.  So, you ask the wife and she doesn’t know you ask the kids they don’t know.  Going over your travels in your mind you still come up empty.  Then you remember, the camera, so you play back for a few days and find nothing.  Play back few more days and the car just sits there.  Finally, a week ago, after you washed the car and put it proudly in the driveway.  Little 6-year-old Jeffry comes into the driveway on his new bike and turn around and loses control of the bike, it bangs against the car and as fast as he fell, he is up and gone.  You may not know exactly what to do but you do know exactly what happened!

If you are still not convinced consider how much less frustration you would have if you were able to watch what happened with said item as well as who did it:  that’s what these cameras make possible.

Whether it is late at night, early in the morning or even while you’re away on vacation your eyes and ears can be on the case watching over all that pertains to you.

I personally have a 360-degree view of my property and I wouldn’t have it any other way for those who have had no incidences I can only offer this caviat; do you buy insurance before you need it or after a devastating loss?  Obviously, the choice is yours!