Personal Responsibility in Caring For Your Health
September 7, 2023

Your health is not the responsibility of your doctor, just as your teeth are not the responsibility of your dentist! My goal is simple – through ideas and research, I hope to help you make a more informed and discerning decision when shopping through

When you have your regular knee pain, your first thought would be “Do I need to make an appointment?” or “What have I done over the past week or two that has caused my knees to feel this way?” I am here promoting something that is becoming foreign on our shores – personal responsibility. If I am the one hurting, I will be the one relieved when it stops.

Using Personal Responsibility when Drinking Water

The human body requires 3.7 liters of water per day for a man and 2.7 liters for a woman, according to the national academies of Sciences, Engineering, and medicine. Although being hydrated is essential for body health, most people do not consume enough fluids each day. Take responsibility in drinking water. As 60 percent of human body and 90 percent of human blood is made up of water, there are no bodily functions that are not helped by being hydrated. Drinking water instead of soda can even assist you in your weight loss goals.

It sounds strange but the lack of drinking fresh, clean water can be traced back to the beginning of many of the things that now ail us. I will even go further to say to my senior humans, as we continue to neglect our water intake on a daily basis, our overall health will continue to decline. Health and wellness is knowing what your body needs, not just diet and exercise but nutrition and supplements. Once you find out what your specific needs are, regimenting them into your lifestyle is truly loving yourself! The peril that comes with all of the advanced technological fulfillment that has been incorporated into the American way of life is that we abandon the fundamentals that are in fact the foundation everything else is built upon. Drink water!

Using Personal Responsibility in Exercise

Establishing a exercise routine that is best fit for your health is another way to implement personal responsibility in taking care of your well-being. Your body needs regular movement that can help build the necessary muscles and strengthen worn out joints. Though it’s not easy to get out there and do exercise everyday, it’s all part of leading a responsible lifestyle. After all, you know your body best than anyone else. Your exercise routine doesn’t have to be complicated – start with walking around your neighborhood or doing jumping jacks in the living room. Then, step up one at a time to achieve your personal goals, whether it be weight loss, toned muscles, or just being healthy. Get started today!