Popular Car Colors and What They Say About You
June 8, 2023

Your car color speaks volumes about the type of person you are. While we tend to factor in trends, popularity, brand, engine size, and mileage when purchasing a new vehicle, it is believed that you may also pick a color based on your experiences and personality. So, you might want to think twice about color before you purchase your next car.


This post lists various car colors and the type of personality they exude. It will help you decide what color best fits your personality.

1. Black

Black is one of the most popular car colors in the world. It is considered the ultimate power color. Black exudes confidence and is a car that makes a bold statement.

People who prefer to use black cars are classy, elegant, and powerful. Black gives a dignified but regal appearance that displays power and sophistication. People who use black cars are less showy, but their vehicle is so rich in appearance that it makes them always stand out.

Purchase a black car if this is your personality or you would like to portray these traits.

2. White

White cars are the most popular cars in the world. White is often associated with purity and righteousness. White car owners are very attentive to accuracy and detail. It takes a lot to maintain the exterior of a white car, but their owners still take up such a challenge.

White car owners are likely to keep their cars clean at all times since they can’t hide any stain under their cars. This attitude will typically transcend to other aspects of their life, and as such, they are known to be clean, clear, and direct.

White cars present a fresh and contemporary outlook. So, if you possess this personality or looking to give this outlook, you should get a white car.

3. Red

Red car owners are outgoing, fun, sensual, and dynamic. They have a positive outlook on life. A red car is sure to draw people’s attention, and its owners are not shy of this attention. Red cars are for persons who know what they want and are confident of getting it. They are ambitious go-getters. Red always stands out, and so do their owners.

Red car owners know what they have and are not afraid to flaunt it. If this is your personality or you would like to display these traits, look no further.

4. Blue

Just like the sky, blue cars give you a feeling of calm, serenity, and solemnity. Blue is associated with people who are trustworthy, steady, and faithful. Blue projects stability, optimism, and compassion.

There are various shades of blue. Dark blue car owners share some characteristics with black car owners as they are powerful and sophisticated. Lighter shades of blue indicate that the driver prefers to be low-key and is quite introverted. Bright blue car owners may be reliable.

Blue car owners have a strong sense of self and wisdom. You are a deep thinker and are pretty introspective.

5. Silver

Silver has a sleek and elegant look. The metallic finish that comes with silver makes it more precious, and its owners are likely people who appreciate the beautiful things of life. Silver car owners are innovative, intelligent, and sophisticated. They see the silver color as high value, just like gold or diamonds. It is most likely why they go for silver rather than grey.

There is a correlation between silver and technology, as modern high-tech devices are usually silver in color. So, this could indicate that owning a silver vehicle means that you are tech-savvy and quite dynamic.

Car colors are symbolic as they say a lot about the personality of their owners and the traits they possess. So, consider purchasing a car that exudes your personality and best describes your qualities.