Solidifying Health and Wellness in Our Bodies
September 7, 2023

Being healthy and well will allow you to live the life you’ve envisioned for yourself. No one I know has ever wanted a life of hospitals and bills or illness and difficulty. There is a direct connection between self-care and quality of life not to mention longevity.

A good method of living is learning to listen intently to the rhythm of life associated to the ones and things we have under our care. When my truck is low on oil it clacks loudly, when my wife is unhappy, she is stoic and quiet. When I can’t find the want to do what is wanted, I find the will to do what is needed.

Do you disregard how quickly you tire? Do you get migraines and have never sought to connect that to your diet or lack of an essential nutrient? I am at the age where hips, knees and ankles must be cared for or the consequences are dire. Running and jumping are things the kids do, not that I don’t, but I do realize they take more out of me as well as a longer time to recover.

I acknowledge I do move slower because even the foundation of movement requires ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­reassurance. The question is how do we solidify health and wellness in our own bodies?

The mystery is that most of us know the answer we just don’t incorporate it into our daily lifestyle. I would often jog but only in the spring or summer. Seems I would always overeat in the fall and winter; some things never change! When I was younger, I could burn off the additional pounds without even thinking about it.

Now without focused and sustained effort it just sits there like a large lazy cat that won’t move no matter what I do.

I had to conclude it was in my best interest to exercise on a daily basis. My body is stronger and my mind is clearer. I needed a few supplements to address some deficiencies left by less-than-optimal diet. I also decided to drink more water every day. As it stands, I have a pretty good hold on my body’s needs and wants. I want to keep things this way.

Your dentist is not the one who takes care of your teeth and your doctor is not the one who takes care of your body, when these hurt it is only then that we seek professional advice. They simply tell us where we have allowed a lack to exist too long. I urge you to learn to listen to your body even more intently than you do the doctor, respond accordingly and your body will thank you for it with additional years of health and vitality to enjoy!