Sports Blog
September 7, 2023

Looking at sports like a time machine is a very real perspective in America today, especially for the younger one’s who are still trying to find their way. My request is a simple one, if I through ideas and research make you a more informed and discerning shopper would you consider shopping through at no additional cost to you as you would be assisting us with our goal of amassing a thousand new followers each month and very many satisfied customers from all over the world! Once the choice is made as to which specific sport is chosen, time stops and a grueling, unrelenting pursuit of perfection begins. The only thing that matters is did you get the daily regiment finished today. Did you get the required amount of shots up? Did you hit enough pitches? Did you run all of the drills through? Did you? Did you? Did you?

All because tunnel vision will only allow us to see the finished results as the only desirable portion of this journey. Knowing the years of development are what leads to the culmination, is it not more important to bring to fruition the whole of the person rather than the parts. It’s more than an athlete or more often than not student athlete which is a monumental task from any logical perspective.

Here’s a twist; enjoy the journey from where you are to wherever it is you hope to end up. Believe it or not life is happening everyday along the way. I’m not saying take time out to spend time with family and friends or celebrate a birthday or an anniversary or two. But I am saying if you did any of these or all of them it wouldn’t be the end of the line for your professional sports figure aspirations.

I believe there are many successful people in all spheres who know beyond a shadow of a doubt they are required to do things they don’t enjoy so they can stay at the top of their professions. Concomitantly you have to see that those same people have learned to run free when time and schedule will allow. This might be the most difficult part of finally realizing a goal you’ve worked so hard for! While it is yours it is so fleeting that unless you employ all the toiling of the fundamentals you exhausted to finally taste the rarified air of so few it can take the wings of the wind and fly away. All at once seeming to have never visited at all. So, we pursue what we love in spite of the DNA that it extracts along the way. Life is reflected in sports in so many ways, while a disciplined life yields many rewards only an enjoyed life confers a satisfied soul, while you are quenching your thirst for the end result don’t forget to enjoy the journey!