Sports Blog
September 7, 2023

Sports which are essentially the activities of life, everything that we as humans look to such as movement itself needs very little else to be called sport.  Downhill skiing is all in the hips. Much of making baskets is all in the wrist. Jogging is all in the stride.

My childhood consisted of basketball, baseball, football, ice skating, jogging even tetherball and dodge ball. {I still can’t understand how the grade schools got away with what by all accounts appears to be child abuse.}

Just in case you think a ball is necessary for the sport, parkour is where you negotiate obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing all the while staying in fluid motion, I have always loved pushups as prep for many other types of activity. I know lunging is not an Olympic sport but if you employ it regularly your knees will argue with the rest of your body that it should be.

There are also a lot of character-building dynamics to team sports with the ever-present confidence-building that continues as skills are developed. That reminds me of the original Rocky movie where he started not being able to catch the chicken, but by the time he was well into his training, he seemed able to just reach out and grab it because his reflexes were trained.

While most sports build muscles and confidence I don’t believe computer gaming does. These same young Americans are found to be a bit pudgier than in years past.  I believe this has added some pounds to those we have come to call ‘gamers. While intellect and reflexes are sharp the most developed of these players will not have a six-pack ab or anything similar. This may not be the desire of those that play at these games, but if any want these results swimming or weightlifting should give you the Adonis body we all crave.

I will go one step further and submit that electronic gaming persons be required to spend two hours minimum in constant movement outdoors to ensure that the body gets stimulation, not just the mind! The slowest form of poison for the human body is the long-term lack of any form of exercise.

More sports have not been mentioned than have. There are specialty sports such as archery with its pinpoint accuracy and acutely developed eye-hand coordination. I didn’t mean to forget water sports, boating, fishing, water skiing, tubing, and all of the reasons we get on the water in the summer months that keep us coming back again and again.

Surrendering the danger of dating myself I find it strange that kids today look forward to what I never experienced as a child (summer camp) I don’t begrudge any organization that can compile a group of activities for a mass of young people who have lost the ability to creatively enjoy the outdoors.

When school was out in my neighborhood going outdoors and finding a couple of neighborhood buddies was probably more stimulating for me than anything a so-called camp could put together.