The Importance of Checking Your Car Regularly
September 7, 2023

While I have taken great pleasure in introducing you to E.P.M. (Excitement Per Mile) we must not neglect M.P.G (Miles Per Gallon). In today’s economy where yesterday’s regular gas costs hits the pocket with premium authority, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least impart some simple terms of improving your miles per gallon.

When your tires are not inflated to the proper P.S.I. it could lead to tire failure. More heat builds up, and if the overheating gets severe, the rubber can separate from its body. Cool temperatures require your tires need a little less air in them. Warm temps tend to a little more in them. Any reputable auto parts store should be glad to not only check this but get it right for you.

May I ask when was the last time you gave your baby (your car actually) a tune up? Vehicles without electronic ignitions should be tuned up every year. The newer ones every 2 to 5 years. Remember when you first got your car, when you turned the key, it gave you no hesitation in starting. Now you find yourself holding the key forward to give the engine more time to rev up. This is a clear sign you need a tune up.

Have you noticed that your car is burning more gas lately? The trip to grandma’s with the kids used to only take a quarter of a tank to go to and from, now it’s showing on the gas tank gage that it’s taking almost twice that. This is a clear sign getting a tune up would save you money.

If your vehicle starts up right away and one of those annoying lights on the dash stays on, do you ignore it (ladies)? The fact that the car is running is a good thing. The fact that the light is on, I want you from this day forward to equate that with a friend asking for help. Because that’s exactly what’s happening. There is no way to know what the vehicles needs are without having it checked out. Again, any reputable auto parts store should be able to check this out for you.

Do you have a oil change on your calendar? If you don’t you should. Oil changes improve gas mileage, reduce engine wear and increase vehicle performance. Quite a lot of benefit for such a small investment wouldn’t you say? And because we are good friends and I want to keep it that way never and I repeat never change the oil without also changing the filter. The reason I add this is because it has been brought to my attention some people call leaving a dirty filter, the quick way to change the oil and keep going. For my two cents this is abuse of the new oil because it never got a chance to lubricate the engine without being soiled.