September 7, 2023

Hello and welcome to White Tiger Shopping Academy where we strive to be rare in our honesty with you; powerful in the lineup of products we offer and majestic in how we seek to build you up and strengthen you toward a happier and more fulfilled life.


I’m Titus Gwess, born and raised in South West Detroit. Growing up I remember tunneling through the snow because it was so deep. The sixth of thirteen children we were always doing many things. With three older brothers, we all took sports very seriously. Two of my older brothers were good at football and baseball. In our neighborhood, we played a game called ‘put back’. Where two teams start in the middle of the block at least two members per team about thirty yards apart. You throw the football as far as you can trying to go over the opposing team’s head. Whichever team ends up with their backs against traffic loses!

Also, while in high school I fell in love with basketball and spent my free time in the gym shooting baskets. Shortly after graduating, from Taylor Center High School in Taylor Michigan, I joined the United States, Air Force because this is the way I thought I could go on to earn my own, everything. After basic training, I went to Technical School at Chanute Air Force Base in Illinois and learned aircraft maintenance. Upon completion, I stayed on and became part of base personnel. I remember there being a large contingent of young airmen which made intermural sports my favorite pastime. To my complete surprise with my two older brothers not around I had the quarterback arm most coveted on the football field.

Next for me was meeting my wife Candy whom I consider God’s gift to me. Because of her my strengths became focused into a concentrated effort of accumulated life’s victories. Before our first child was born, I was sent to Korea alone for one year.

While in Korea, separated from my wife and the child Jesus captured my heart and taught me His word of life. He showed me how flawed I am and assured me that He would walk with me through this life and make it a glorious adventure rather than a dreaded shot in the dark without Him. It’s been forty years and I have to tell all that we all have two tracks before us; one is our own choices and all that is capable of producing. The other is with Him being led by His Spirit, verified by His word, and is bigger and greater than any of us are apart from Him.

The year I returned my wife was sent to Korea and I played Mr. mom to our two-year-old daughter for the next year. While Candy was away, I separated from the military and went to work for Boeing Aircraft Company.

Upon my wife’s return, she was stationed in her home state of Massachusetts. I quit Boeing in Kansas and moved to Massachusetts and there found work at General Electric in Lynn Massachusetts. This must have been a turbulent time around 1986 -1987 I was there for six months when the big bosses of GE called a meeting of all the hourly employees and made sure they all knew there was going to be a large reduction in the workforce. They ended up laying off 50% of the workforce. Within 90 days I was back in Kansas at Boeing, my family following several months later.

Kansas is where we call home, it’s been 38 years now, 4 grown children, three properties, retired from aircraft our cups are full. Being led and ready for the next page of our adventure we are preparing to create a more complete and respectful online shopping experience for all our customers.